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About Epoch Sonder

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my patreon that is currently under another make over (yet again). 

I'm in the works of creating a animated web series called Maven, based off my web comic Bride of the Limbo. During my absence I realized the true meaning of "yolo" and decided that life is to short to keep yourself from doing the things you'd love to do. I am also the creator of the webcomics  Joel and Hornz (don't worry I haven't forgotten lol).

So, with that being said, becoming a patron will help fund Maven. This is probably going to be the biggest project I have ever worked on and I'm still working out the logistics. But what I can tell you is that all the funds here will go directly to the project such as: hiring voice actors/background artists and such.

I, thankfully, am not worried about paying bills so much so I have no desire/stress to make a profit from this. Projects like Maven and others soon to come are being created simply for the joy of story telling. I really don't care what the success outcome will look like, I just want to tell monster romance stories lol.

I hope you can join in this journey^^

Perks of being a patron:
- Behind the scenes (filter on spoilers tho)
- Process
- Updates
- Exclusive artwork.

PS: I hope to offer more down the line!
7% complete
Will be able to invest in merchandise equipment for
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  • Keychain charms
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