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Even just one dollar per month contributes to my overall ability to continue creating educational technology content for free on YouTube and other outlets.

This is a valuable token of support and you will get a huge "Thank You!" from me.
  • PATREON FEED ACCESS: All Patrons get access to my Patreon Feed where I will share normally un-published thoughts, reviews, quick tips, and news relating to our gaming and tech content. 
  • Credit Reel: Your name mentioned in the end-card credits of future videos. (Up to a 1-month delay on this, due to scheduling buffers.)
  • Discord Server Access - Basic Role (Public access)
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 For five dollars per month, you're making a great contribution towards free educational technology content, and I want to reward you for it. You will receive:  
  • All previous rewards
  • Early-ish Access: When possible, early access videos will be shared here and in the Discord Server.
  • Credit Reel: Your name mentioned in the end-card credits of future videos. (Up to a 1-month delay on this, due to scheduling buffers.)
  • DISCOUNTS: Huge discounts on any of my normally paid products or services when it comes to YouTube marketing or technology. (eBooks, YouTube consultations, etc.)
  • Discord Server Access - Premium Role and a private room where you can ask questions and get behind the scenes looks at content and my work!
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What is Patreon and why do you use it?

Patreon is a platform that allows viewers and fans to support creators they appreciate on a more direct level. Creative endeavors don't always involve a lot of revenue for those involved. Personally, I am self-employed. My YouTube channel is now my full-time "job" where I focus on building a tech education platform. I try to keep expenses low - I live in an apartment in a low living-cost area, don't drive luxury cars or anything like that, etc. - but most of the income I bring in has to go back into the business. Splitting income between living expenses and business expenses gets tough. I make it work for now and with the aid of sponsors, etc. but any step towards more reliable finances is something I try to pursue. 

Instead of just standard "YouTube content," I'm really pushing to work towards building up a lot more large-scale educational "courses" (such as my OBS Studio Master Class), which take a lot of time away from traditional work build-up. That means paying people to offload work, occasional gear upgrades, etc. The goal is to have Patreon help offset some of the day-to-day operating costs to keep things more efficient and get bigger projects going.

How does it work?

My Patreon is set up for a monthly contribution, where you pay up front. You can cancel at any time.
Pledging to this Patreon gets you access to a private patron-only room in our Discord chat server. Here you can ask me direct questions in a less-crowded manner, suggest video ideas, get video critiques, as well as occasional early access to videos and behind the scenes special looks!
There is some exclusive behind-the-scenes content that Patreon supporters receive, but it's all extraneous - all of my educational and review content will continue to remain free and open to the public.

Where does my money go?

Your support enables me to continue to invest as much time (and my own money) as possible into producing free educational content and videos for YouTube viewers and website readers. 
My work takes a lot of time. I put more work into my YouTube channels and website than many people put into their full-time jobs. I just graduated from university, so I could be working a "traditional" full-time job, but I see chasing this path as being more important for the time being.
My work takes time and money, but it's something I'd never want to stop doing. As the financial security of YouTube's ad revenue system continues to dwindle, it starts to seem more and more like I may have to push my online ambitions to the side unless I supplement more revenue.
Primarily, I want to continue creating as much helpful content as possible. I have a never-ending list of content ideas and topics, I just need the freedom to create it.
This can also help me replace broken equipment, invest in better equipment for higher-quality videos, and generally free up my time to get more done.

Shoot, I don't have money to support this.

No problem! Please don't push yourself to become a patron if you are struggling financially or low on income. I know what that's like - and it doesn't feel good. Take care of your priorities first.
I will continue to create content for free to reach my goal of helping others, regardless of Patreon support.
(Alternatively, you can also support through DonorBox, or a one-time PayPal tipas well!)

Who are you?

My name is Adam, but I go by "EposVox" online. I work hard to provide great and high-quality educational, technology-centric content. My goal is to provide helpful how-to videos, quick and easy tech tips, guides on bigger-picture concepts, and product reviews which are consumer-friendly, helpful, and entertaining.

I started YouTube back in 2006 - the early days of the platform. I've tinkered with it off and on - having started focusing on gaming content - but over the past couple years I've started to really lock down and get serious about creating helpful tech content. I've published over 1,000 YouTube videos on the main "EposVox" channel alone, with a few side channels going as well. I'm serious about my content.

I sincerely hope you consider contributing, and I know I won't disappoint you.
Thanks so much for your time,
~ Adam // EposVox
$199.47 of $250 per month
My goal for the end of 2019 (inb4 this is still showing in 2020, someone remind me to update this...) is to bring back my gaming content (on YouTube and Twitch) in a way that keeps it part of my main content lineup. Whether that be 1x video per week or more, plus a weekly stream - I want to make that happen.
Help guarantee this to happen by obligating me to do so with this Patreon tier!
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