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The game is already playable with 10 Levels to explore including background music, voiceovers, readable Datapads, inventory+crafting system etc.
Would love to get some more people on board to see which gameplay elements you guys like the most and which need improvements. :)
Upon pledging you can immediately jump in and start exploring the game!

I'm mainly a musician/sound designer who dove into programming and currently I'm working on the game Black Hollow. You play the game as a survivor of the great flood in the late 24th century. It's like a 2D subnautica but with heavy focus on story, building atmosphere and conversations between the protoganist and the submarines AI. Right now most gameplay elements are already in and we're creating lots of levels, artifacts and advancing the story. While the game is mostly bug free already I'm hoping to find some supporters and testers here to give it a little boost. :)
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In the next builds I'll be working on:
- New smaller levels / Sidequests
- Better enemy AI
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