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Equestrian City is a fanmade multimedia project spearheaded by DarkMalcontent - bringing the excitement of the superhero genre to the beloved Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls fandoms.

Set ten years in an alternative future where the battle with the sirens took a turn for the worse, Equestrian City takes a look at a variety of the serious issues that befall those we care about in the aftermath of tragedy while also bringing some high octane action and quippy dialogue.

This non-profit fan project has been going strong since the release of Rainbow Rocks with an ever expanding team of amazing talent across multiple mediums so that the story can be enjoyed regardless of your favorite format - including literature, comics, radio plays and animations.

There’s a lot of work involved in a project like this. Your support helps fund the artists and editors, as well as gets production on a more consistent schedule. And the more you support, the more you can see what goes on behind the scenes.

We also have plans to expand our story into formats that anyone can enjoy such as comics, radio dramas and beyond. Our talent includes the artistic mastery of Moon Pearl, Trail-Gazer and Anton, the amazing voices of Wubcake and DSHooves, and the veteran storytellers AlisiaLanet and Brawny Buck.

The first story arc would center around a small series of comic pages. These would lay out origins of each of the Mane 7. From there, if we kept momentum and funding, we’d dive directly into a story arc from the many outlines we’ve got ready to use! Popular story arcs from the golden, silver and beyond age of comic books would be the inspirations (The Skrull Invasion, The Crisis in Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, Infinity Gems, Civil War, Symbiote Wars, Maximum Carnage, ect)

We’ve got a lot of ambition and we can’t wait to share that vision with you. Your support will help this process go much quicker so we can bring you the best possible story - regardless of your favorite format.

We have a main website with our wikipedia links, our fanfiction collection and other goodies (including our discord server) at EquestrianCity.Com

For more details, including the wiki and staff links; be sure to visit equestriancity.com!
9% complete
Our first real goal is to be semi self sufficiant. At this goal level we can no longer have to worry about having to scrap together money for a constant flow of art and eventually animation plans, and can start to set our sights on larger elements of the project!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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