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Would you accept 5 personal emails? Probably not. If you pledge $5 we will try to send you a copy of our next album once it becomes available. If we can't get it to you for whatever reason (too expensive to ship or not allowed by the post office) we'll send you a link to our old Let's Play Channel that we never reference and you have to keep it secret.
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Hey hero! We will include an element you suggest for sure. Others will just email us and we will consider the idea, we will include your suggested element definitely. This can be a suggestion for a Character or Environment for Character Transplant or a Villain/Organisation for Evil Inc. The possibilities are endless!
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If you want to donate, we appreciate the support. Don't feel obligated, we will make the shows regardless and have a lot of fun doing it. 

We currently have 2 shows that we love making, they can be found in iTunes. This could be best equated to thought experiments, so if you like theoretical discussions about fictional characters these might be the podcasts for you!

Character Transplant: We take a character and throw them in the back of a van. Then we kick them out in a new universe to explore if they would change anything or if they would even survive.

Evil Inc.: Our organisation takes villains and villainous teams to put them through different departments such as the Evaluations Department, the Ethics Committee and Public Relations Department.
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Amazing, we have a listener who wants to donate. I'm so proud of us.
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