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About Eran ud Turan

Updates every Wednesday and Saturday!

Hi, I’m Nadeem.

When I was growing up, I loved the stories my dad used to tell me.

Stories of a bygone era. Of kings and generals, of warriors and their battles, of faith and travel, or our own ancestors.

And so I began to look into it a little more.

What I discovered was so much better.

The past is so important in seeing ourselves, and seeing how our world came to be. I had become so disillusioned with history education in school, that I dropped it as a subject as soon as I could, at the age of 15. But I was always fascinated by the world outside the high school history books, and I knew there had to be more. So I threw myself into researching late antique and early medieval Iran and Central Asia. That is, after all, where my own heritage is.

I wasn’t doing this within a formal, educational institution. I decided to just grab some books, see what interesting papers I could find, and reach out to specialists in the field.

When I came across the Sogdians and their breathtaking silverware, monumental paintings, and lush textiles, it was love at first sight. 

I had to find some way to share the fascination and the wonder that I had. So I set up Eran ud Turan, a living history project, to do just that. 

What is living history?

Living history is an incredibly powerful tool for history education. Arguably more so than textbooks, when done well. 

Living historians research the past, and instead of writing papers and delivering lectures, we wear our research on our sleeves - quite literally. We make (or outsource) historically accurate clothing, weapons, armour, accessories, and aspects of daily life, and aim to bring it back to life as vividly as possible.

From knights to princesses, monks to kings, silks to silverware, we at Eran ud Turan meticulously research every aspect of the past before presenting it to the public.

While we in the west have a fair understanding of who the Vikings, the Romans, and the Normans were, our ideas of Iran and Central Asia are far from balanced. Too often have Persians been portrayed simply as the bad guys in the story of Europe, or Central Asians as simply marauding barbarians (if at all!). In today's world, it's more important than ever to do away with these misconceptions and correct that image.

It's about time we corrected that image.

There's something extremely relatable about seeing a guy dressed in historic Iranian costume talking about things other than being Europe's bad guy, something far more relatable and powerful than simply reading it. One learns that these other cultures had their own identities, their own stories and heritage, their own world views, their own arts and crafts and traditions, all of which is worth exploring in detail.

I set up Eran ud Turan to do just that, and we do it extremely well, having gained the acclaim of several archaeologists and historians working on late antique and early medieval Central Asia and Iran. As well as events across the UK and Europe, I update this blog regularly, as well as produce video and audio content all related to the eastern Iranian world, bringing this history back to life - arguably a more important aspect of the group's work nowadays.

Eran ud Turan receives no institutional support or funding, so Patreon funding is essential to what we do - acquiring research materials, acquiring replicas and objects to talk about, photo, audio, and video gear, and other related expenses. Your support is invaluable and keeps this project going. Thank you! 😊 🙏

Have a browse through the membership tiers and pick one you like! A $1 pledge gets you access to many of my Patron-only blog posts and looks behind the scenes. Other rewards include replicas of Sogdian writing, Middle Persian / Pahlavi manuscripts, coins, and other little gifts in the mail at various points throughout the year!

Check out our pledge levels and pick one you like!

Shoot me a message! I'll respond as soon as I can.


And please click around my Patreon, website, and Facebook and Instagram for more info.
Help bring the splendours of the Silk Road to life!

50% complete
Fashion through the ages

Imagine this - a timeline of eastern Iranian fashion. 

Bactrian gold, Indian pearls, Sogdian silk, Persian embroidery, and more. 

Not illustrated, or written about, but reconstructed, in full colour, with vivid photosets to match.

My project spans from the Achaemenids to the Samanids. Everything will be done with utmost attention to detail and historical accurary. Every set will get videos, photo sets, and detailed write ups with references. Help make this a reality.
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