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About Eren's top surgery <3

Hello my name is Eren and this is my patreon to help pay for my top surgery I am a trans guy who is pre t. Looking to get top surgery and hopefully get on Testosterone soon. I am 18 years old and have known for a long while that I am trans ftm. I have extreme amounts of dysphoria that I get so upset and start bawling because I don't have a flat chest I have worn binders for years and I'm getting sick of having to wear them and I can't just take my shirt off whenever it gets really hot. I wear my binder religiously I will not leave the house if I can'y find my binder. My one GC2B binder I've had since August and I haven't washed it for fear it could stretch out and get bigger then it won't bind as well or that it will shrink if I wash it and I won't be able to wear it. I am also terrified that if I wash it and someone asks to go somewhere or I forget I have work I won't be able to wear it because its wet.
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