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About Eric Himan

Every song has a story. With your help, the song can come to life visually as much as it has musically. 
As an independent musician, the money I make on the road goes to two things: bills (so I can live,ha) and right back into music (graphic design, printing posters, gas money, band pay, tolls, hotels, music videos, etc).

The help and money I received for my latest release, GRACEFULLY, let me put together THE BEST sounding record of my career. That music has led to opening shows for Leon Russell, Patty Griffin, Edwin McCain, and more (even my musical idol, Ani DiFranco, said she was impressed with it, WHAT?!!).
Now, I'd like to do more. To bring those same resources and to create the best looking videos of my career; starting with songs from GRACEFULLY.

Becoming a patron is totally optional. I am still going to be making music and videos to share with all of you.

But with your help, by becoming a patron, I can make the videos the way I envision them. Patreon creates a way for you to be a patron of my music. I've created reward levels as a way of saying thank you for this ongoing support and to let you both hear and see the end results. 

Thank you for continuing to support my endeavors. Thank you for believing in my music and my voice.

Talk soon!
([email protected])
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This is the minimum to produce one solid music video for a song from "GRACEFULLY".
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