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per artistic endeavor.
If you give me five dollar I will draw you a portarit!
no refuds
per artistic endeavor.
If you give me twneyt i mean ten dolalrs I will darw you two portrans!
If you are able to contribute twenty dollars I will design two custom portraits for you, of any photo of your choosing. No refunds

Obviously I care about my fans very much so I will throw in some special creations for you if you give me twenty dollars - Frank Scotch




per artistic endeavor.


Back in the days when I was a teenager, before I had status and before I went to New York University, I started making some flash art. Since I was afraid of identity theft over the medium of Internet, I chose to give myself a creative name: Aric Comics. 

While I am a really funny dude, sometimes I sit, alone in the dark confines of my mind/room, and dream. And then I touch
I would like to branch out from just making really really really funny content. Maybe you can help me. With just ten payments of at least five dollars, I can get at least fifty dollars. Which will be awesome because then I can buy bee
With your support, I will be able to advance my techniques and further improve my drawing. For example, with some money I can buy a nice stylus so my art is handdrawn and not stupid looking
$9 of $100 per artistic endeavor.
If I can make a hundred dollars, I will direct write and star in Aric Movie 2
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