is creating Production Studio with better equipment for the viewers
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Dropping 2 dollars shows me you are enjoying the show and just showing your thanks. I appreciate it and will get some coffee to keep my energy up. 
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Give a copy of my book in ebook form of The Rise of the 1099 economy. 
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Subscribers will be able to request a youtube video with anything they want to talk about, plus get to talk with me! Stay tuned for more goodies and details. Thanks!




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About Ericka

I am Ericka S. Williams of the Classy Climb Blog ( I have been documenting my journey in entreprenuship and encuraging others along the way. I want to produce higher quality videos and interviews via my Youtube Channel. I have produced over 800 business, entrepreneurship, motivational videos to help people get leads and launch their businesses. Youtube would prefer higher quality cameras and are only recommended those high quality videos. I want to be apart of that future by purchasing some lighting and camera equipment. 
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I want to build full-service production studio, which will allow me to expand my current writing and youtube operations. In order to do that, I need upgraded equipment, most especially a new computer and camera in order to create video documentary content.
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