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per photography, video, design... art!!
I will publicly thank you on whichever & however many social networks you want (provided you add me as a friend/follower and I am able to friend/follow you back). PLUS: you'll be able to brag to people that you helped prevent some dude from ending up in the gutter.
per photography, video, design... art!!
At this level, I'll start taking input from you as a Patron of my content, in terms of what kind of photographs, videos, artwork, wallpapers, graphic design content, etc. you'd like to see me attempt.. as well as all the stuff from the $1 tier.
per photography, video, design... art!!
Obviously, all the stuff from the previous tiers, but for $10 per content release, I'll attempt to get some general info from you about your likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to types of photos you particularly enjoy, and then will take a shot at getting a good photo based on how I read into all of that and learn about you as a person. That photo will be provided only here on Patreon, and viewable only by other patrons at this tier level.




per photography, video, design... art!!

About Eric Socia

I take photos of landscapes/scenery/people/objects I find interesting, and occasionally turn them into something even more interesting. I also sometimes do web design stuff. I would also like to get back into making videos, but in a more personal way than the silly attempts at video game commentaries I did some time ago, under my internet alter-ego. Your support has the potential to make that a reality for me. :)

With my agoraphobia, a 9-5 job isn't an option, so I'm hoping to generate some sort of income, however big or small, with this concept: When I make something new, I'll release it here as a paid 'thing' for Patrons, who will get extra perks for their support, such as potential personal vlogs/thank-you videos, custom WordPress themes (in accordance with your specifications, and my current skill level), or anything else I come up with along the way. I will also (likely, on occasion) post said content elsewhere on the net, on one or more of my various Social Media profiles.

In short, if you decide to support me, you have my deepest thanks. If you don't, enjoy the free content anyway! :)
$0 of $100 per photography, video, design... art!!
At a hundred dollars per content release (at least until i decide otherwise and try the monthly plan thing), I would be able to feed myself from project to project, rather than relying on my father to buy food for me as well as himself (since he already provides me with shelter free-of-charge)
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