Erik Cheung

is creating Master drawings in a formlessness approach
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Just a dollar to tell me you believe too that I have indeed stumble upon something truly unique!

Share my images and philosophy with everyone you know. 

Augmented Reality postcards
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My work 'Flight' is available as post cards. It is printed with gold foiled in a set of two. 

The collection possesses Augmented Reality ability. After you framed them, it would stay on your wall and come alive in animation when you point your phone at it (instruction shall be enclosed).

It would be a special conversation piece in your hallway.  Want to know what animation is buried behind this work?

Art diary
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I shall mail you one of the signed sketches that led to the discovery of my present style. Without these genuine cornerstone pieces, there could not have been recent ones. They are one of a kind with no reproductions. 

About Erik Cheung



My ability 
I am the only artist who could decipher compositions of figures from a haystack of intertwining scribble lines, without renderings nor alterations. With 35 years of experience as a solid base, the works under my hand show beauty, calligraphic influence, art elements of contrast and balance, expressive imagery, subjects of relationship and love, a celebration of life, mastery and most of all,
immortal grace. 

Bruce Lee talked about 'being formless as a form' in martial arts. My work is that corresponding formlessness in the realm of visual arts which my contemporaries have not yet dreamed of or realized possible. Formlessness is the ultimate mastery of any arts; not forcibly controlling the outcome but let the images appear naturally.

I believe it is my duty as an artist to seek for a new expression, could you help to keep my findings alive for the next generations?


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My goal is to build a circle of genuine collectors who understand and believe in the value and possibility of this finding, supporting me while receiving my gifts of the originals, safe keeping them for a time after this era of art exploitation.

If ART is to move forward, we have to look beyond the present art expressions of the 21st Century for a new grace.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to have a patron to have all my works collected and house them in a venue so that next generations could learn from and appreciate.

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