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is creating ART in a formlessness approach

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I hope you appreciate my effort and would become a patron, a one-time two dollars is nothing in today's living standard, yet it interprets dearly as a genuine belief that this approach/art actually works and does have a reason to exist. 

To redefine art, one must fall back to retrace the steps. I went back to Automatic drawing discipline of the Surrealists. Yes, this art is substantial. 

But no matter how hard I work and how far I push, there’s you as the missing half of the equation. Artist does not stand alone. 

Art is produced for all to enjoy and cherish. Your participation would be the drive of this vision; an art that follows the findings of our predecessors with proven effort and not one that jumps out of the blues.  

An art without patrons who see its value, fails.  I need you.

Augmented Reality postcards
Limited (30 remaining)
per creation

My work 'Flight' is available as post cards. It is printed with gold foiled in a set of two. 

The collection possesses Augmented Reality ability. After you framed them, it would stay on your wall and come alive in animation when you point your phone at it (instruction shall be enclosed).

It would be a special conversation piece in your hallway.  Want to know what animation is buried behind this work?

per creation

An autographed original art work, selected from 2011 - present time, will be mailed to you. Your name will be registered as the sole patron of that piece.  Please state your preference in an email to me since some might still be tied in a gallery agreement.


My Art

Seriously, I am the only artist who could decipher compositions of figures from a haystack of intertwining scribble lines done in a minute, without renderings nor alterations. Art is direct and not pretentious. With years of experience as a solid base, this could not be a gimmick.

The result shows grace and beauty, a calligraphic influence, contrast and balance, expressive imagery under the subjects of relationship and love, basically a celebration of life. 

Read my portfolio, study the changes in my works throughout the years...and find your part in them.


Bruce Lee talked about 'being formless as a form' in martial arts. My work is that corresponding formlessness in the realm of visual arts which my contemporaries have not yet dreamed of or realized possible. Formlessness is the ultimate mastery of all arts; not forcibly controlling the outcome but let the images/melodies appear spontaneously and naturally.

I believe in seeking for a new expression, a re-definition, let's partner up to keep these findings alive?


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My short term goal is to get into the Saachiart 's The Other Art fair at Toronto this fall 2020. The air ticket, accommodation and the fees for the booth add up to around $4000. Hopefully with the sale on plus the February show at the Lotus could make up the sum. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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