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Read my latest novel, Rex Seven: Hellhounds
And be sure to keep in touch for my next book, Ghost Divide, planned for release this Christmas.
In the meantime enjoy my background material, posted on my blog!
I write science fantasy, or space opera short stories and novels, in my spare time between looking for engineering jobs. If you enjoy my books or blog posts, please consider supporting my work. You can pledge any amount, even a dollar can be very helpful, and cancel at any time.

My blog stories will always be free to the public, but are only available due to the generous support of those around me. I make almost no money on book sales, and do this in my free time - the more support I receive the more time I can spend writing. By pledging you are supporting the creation of more stories, as well as showing appreciation for the hard work I've already put into the previous books.

Once you have become a patron of my writing you will have access to more of my writing activity, as well as the chance to give feedback on your favorite stories. Even if you do not have have the means to pledge financially, I am always looking to speak to my readers, and would love to hear from you! 

Even a $1/month can help so much. That's just $12 a year to help keep your favorite artists going - so pledge today!
$0.92 of $2,000 per month
This is when I can take a part time job to support the stories I write. I hope to never have to rely on Patreon for this goal, and make it in sales, but it isn't a perfect world - the changing markets for artists are challenging, and if we continue to want quality content we will have to find new ways to support creators.
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