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Hello friends!

My name is Grace. I'm a storyteller, adventurer, and optimist from North Carolina. 

I wrote my first book, a fairy tale called "The Golden Cape," when I was seven years old. Ever since then I've been unable to shake it: the yearning for something more. Adventure. Magic. Possibility. All of it just waiting to be discovered through words on a page.

Throughout the years my love of stories has manifested in several different ways. I studied Creative Writing at Elon University and Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I've written horror, fantasy, and science fiction short stories for my yearly "Shadows and Monsters" project that was turned into a book thanks to a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign in 2014. My short story "Nine Hundred Feet" was selected as a finalist in the 2015 NC State Fiction Contest judged by Kelly Link.  

But while I've always loved writing (and, indeed, don't quite feel like myself when I'm not), for the past few years I've been struggling. I have ideas and plans for several more short stories, short film projects, and a novel. But I no longer have the same amounts of time to dedicate to these projects now that I'm out of school and working multiple jobs to survive.

My goal with this Patreon is to be able to afford to spend more time on my creative work. Even an hour a week would be an enormous gift. But to do that I need to be paid for the work that I'm doing. I'd like to be able to invest in these ideas and bring these projects to fruition, but right now I can't afford to both pay the bills and create.

If you believe in what I'm doing and would like to come along for the journey, every little bit would help. I'd love to walk this road with you.
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At this point, you'll be paying for one hour of creative work! Every journey begins with a single step.
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