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is creating Old European Wolf Shamanism and Explorations of Mystic Heathenry
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The Vaettir level is a pledge that shows that you like what you're seeing in terms of content that I make freely available on Youtube for Heathens around the world. It doesn't provide access to anything exclusive, but it does show that you're excited to support and see what is still to come.
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The Landvaettir level is a pledge that gives you access to all of the paid content I generate here exclusively for my supporters on Patreon. Inside, you will find my research, studies, theories and field experience as a mystic and a heathen. Updated every other week (at least) with new content.

In addition, you will gain a 15% discount for any and all custom runework or shamanic work you commission me to do for you.




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About E.S. Wynn

Author. Activist. Shaman. Valkyrie.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Patreon page. My name is E.S. Wynn, and I am the author of over seventy books in print, as well as the chief editor of the poetry zine Leaves of Ink and the sci-fi zine Farther Stars Than These. I've walked a pagan path for almost my entire life and I have a lot of research, perspectives and knowledge that I would love to share. (For some pictures of what I do, check out my Instagram account.) I am openly transgender and do what I can to pursue acceptance and love for and within the LGBTQIA community, especially where it intersects with Heathenry.

I've created this Patreon as a platform for content related to modern expressions of the mystic or shamanic side of Heathenry (Heathenry being Northern European / Germanic / Teutonic / Norse pagan tradition.) In the content section, you will find videos and other media I've created while walking my path as a Valkyrie and as an Old European Wolf Shaman, including my experiences with landvaettir (land spirits / wights of the land) and my quest to recover the lost star lore of our ancestors from the scant scholarly shards that remain.

As a Patron, you'll be helping to support the production of articles, audio meditations and videos that I upload for free viewing on Youtube. At the $15 level, you'll also gain access to my entire content library here on Patreon, which includes more in-depth videos, meditations, rune formulas, "further thoughts" articles and techniques for working that you won't find on my Youtube channel.

I'm currently working on several books that focus on my research into the mystic side of Heathenry and Old European Wolf Shamanism. My plan is to make digital copies of these books available as additional content for my Patrons, and also available for sale in physical and digital formats to non-patron supporters of my research.

The more my work and support here on Patreon grows, and the more I get the hang of the platform and the ways I can use it to interact with you, the more I'll be able to expand what I have to offer to you, my Patrons. In the future, I'd like to do regular live chats and possibly even expand into correspondence courses and the like to help you explore Old European Wolf Shamanism and the more modern, mystic side of our ancestral traditions.

I've been walking this path for over twenty-five years, and I've done a lot of research and experimentation in the field. There's a ton of knowledge I have to share, and a ton yet for me to pull together as I continue to experiment and grow my body of knowledge through additional research and work in the mystic side of Heathenry. Learning is a never-ending process, so come and learn with me!
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