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1.) You will receive exclusive access to the Patreon channels on discord which may include exclusive updates and in-game freebies (EULA-compliant of course)

2.) You may receive an in-game VIP rank on the Eternal Nights server.

3.) When available, you will be granted access to the Eternal Nights developmental server.

To see our payment/refund policy and VIP information and instructions, please read this:

It is mandatory/strongly encouraged that you read the VIP article with the link above. 

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About Tricrystallite

Hi there,

My name is Tricrystallite and I've been creating servers since 2013. I discovered the game around 2012 during Minecraft's 1.4.5 update. I've always had a passion into creating something since I was young and when I discovered minecraft, I wanted to create a community of my own. I always disliked servers that charged players for an advantage. When the EULA was reinforced in 2015, I thought it would be a lot more fun to play on servers. However, when I learned the sad truth that small servers couldn't survive the EULA reinforcement, my dreams of owning a network were crushed.

Owning a EULA-Compliant server is very difficult as I strive for quality. With your pledge, you can help me make my dreams come true; to own and run a community, EULA-Complaint servers, and a EULA-Compliant Network.

Your pledge will allow me to do updates faster and work with more developers to bring more quality into the servers I craft.

By pledging to this project, you will allow my dream to continue to fruition!
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When we reach the goal of $20, everyone (who is registered) on the server will receive THREE emerald keys!
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