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About Ethan M. Aldridge

Hello! My name is Ethan Aldridge. I'm a bestselling author, illustrator, and hermit. I'm the creator of the urban fantasy graphic novel ESTRANGED and it's follow-up THE CHANGELING KING. I make fantasy stories and illustrations for a living, which means I get to draw grouchy fairy children and lazy gryphons all day.

A way to financially support people creating the things you like. Mine is a monthly subscription, the tier of which can be edited any time. Be sure to check out what each tier gives you access to!

: This Patreon gives me a way to pull up a seat for you at my work desk, as it were. Here, I'm able to share the stories I'm working on, musings about art and myth and fairy tales, and what makes my stories tick. It's your chance to get a long, in-depth look behind the curtain. Your support helps give me the time and resources I need to pursue the projects that fascinate me, and I hope fascinate you as well. Thank you!

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