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If you’ve made it as far as reading this “About” section, I appreciate it. Thank You.

However, you're here a bit early! I am currently in the process of moving into a new office space and moving to a new platform for content, so I have not promoted this page yet!

Check back in 2020, that's when the real party is gonna get started.

I’ve been obsessed with video games and technology all my life, as well as the people that have the privilege to make their living creating videos about those things. Now it’s time for my attempt. I’ve been planning on starting this for a long time, but with everything going on in life I’ve had a hard time finding the time to do it. I’ve been asked by a lot of different friends online to give this a try, and now it’s time to get moving on it. I have always been about playing games competitively. I’ve always played to win and never really tried to have fun doing it. However, I’m going to start playing games with a creator’s mentality, while still playing to the best of my ability, most of the time. I play a lot of games on PC and when a console exclusive I want to cover releases I will switch to that console to make those videos. I am going to put a consistent flow of content out to YouTube and Instagram, including gaming videos, tech videos, and short excerpts from videos to put on Instagram. Now it’s time to try out this whole “Content Creator” thing and see just how long it takes to grow. I’m really excited for this journey, and every dollar counts towards allowing me to continue spending my time doing this and constantly improving the quality of the content that I create and share with you all.

This is what I plan to have achieved by the end of the year:
  • Multiple uploads per week. This ranges anywhere from gaming videos to the occasional channel update or tech video.
  • Full-Time Streaming Schedule, with a minimum of 5 streams per week (excluding when I'm traveling)
  • Gaming videos on the channel, including first impressions, guides, comedy videos, strong opinions and commentary about games, highlights from playing with friends, collabs with other creators, etc.
  • Daily uploads on Instagram with gaming clips and Instagram exclusive videos.
  • Weekly Podcast with friends (most likely gaming related)
  • Monthly Patreon Exclusive videos including excerpts from all of my footage that didn’t make the cut for YouTube videos; for various reasons.
  • Constantly evolving editing style for YouTube with an emphasis on constant improvement of quality for the videos I create and post to various platforms.

Enough talk, it’s time to get started on this journey. Thanks again for reading.

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