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Ethereal Hollows is an Independent Record Label based in Northern Arizona. We formed in 2012 when the music we were creating had began to finally take serious-form and we realized a lack of other career options that would satisfy our passion for making music. Coming from such a small town, in a state that had failed to manifest any notable artists on a mainstream stage, we soon came to realize that there were no established entities in our state that could help us push our music onto a national scale.

Other artists we encountered in our small community had all taken to more conventional methods, like posting their music on Soundcloud, Youtube, and paying to open shows for established acts as they passed through our state. We've seen these methods help artists to a certain extent, and then their momentum would plateau. We didn’t want that. We wanted to be different. Thus, began our journey. Starting from the moment we imagined our own platform that would let us create the music we wanted, help us market it the way we wanted, help other aspiring-artists establish their careers, and ultimately create the legacy’s we’ve been dreaming of since we first began.

We now have a team of dedicated friends who operate as family, with one goal in mind: to make this work. Dedicating all of our own available time, finances, and energy into running what we believe will make a huge difference in our lives, and the lives of many others one day.

Patreon is a great platform that allows fans to directly support the people and businesses that they love. The site also serves as a great way for organizations like us to directly show appreciation to the people who believe in us the most and make sure we’re returning the favor in every way we possibly can, like giving you guys some cool stuff! Upon signing up and selecting which “Tier” you’d like to contribute towards, you will receive your very own profile where you can access posts, content, and other goodies we make exclusively for you.

We realize many people are unfamiliar with Patreon, so if you have any questions or would like some clarification about what this is and what we’re offering - please e-mail me anytime!
[email protected]

Being such a small scale operation with no corporate backing or big investors, it often seems like we’re stuck below a glass ceiling, with no more room to grow. Out of our small family’s own pockets: we make all of our own music, ship our own merchandise, organize our own video shoots, oversee all of our own graphic design, run our own website, the list goes on! It becomes quite the daunting task to say the least. On top of that, because we believe no one should be excluded from experiencing the music we believe so much in, ALL of our music is available for FREE on our website!

Having a community of fans that contribute to our vision would be the ultimate middle finger to any institution that considers us the underdog in this fight for creative freedom. We’re going to make sure that we continue putting every cent we earn towards further legitimizing ourselves as a label that can help GREAT music be heard without limits, and give back to our fans in increasingly creative fashions along the way.

If you decide to become a donor to our Patreon, we’re going to do our very best to make sure you always walk away with some great stuff to show-for. Each available “Tier” comes with their own Perks and Rewards, ranging from things like Behind The Scenes Photos/Videos only released on Patreon, Exclusive music for our Patreon fam, Lifetime VIP concert passes for our artists tours, monthly merchandise deliveries to our highest donors, and a bunch of other stuff! We also hold monthly raffles where we randomly select some of our donors and send them awesome gifts like merchandise, sticker packs, music, meet and greets, and more!

We’re always looking for more ways to give back, so if there’s something you think we can incorporate into our Rewards Tiers, feel free to shoot us a message any time!

Payment is required immediately upon pledging, so be sure to only pledge if you want to stay for that month. From that point on, you will be billed for your contribution on the 1st of every month until you cancel.

Remember that you will need to provide your address or P.O. Box to receive your rewards. It’d also help if you include a preferred clothing size! :)

Be aware that Patreon isn't a shop, but a way to gain access to our exclusive content via a donation. You're not purchasing any copyrights and we remain the legal owner of any content shared. By pledging, you ensure that you've read this F.A.Q. and are aware of the rules.

Don't ruin the fun by sharing our exclusive content. The more trustworthy our community is, the more exclusive content we will be able to offer! :)

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Let's start small! Once we reach our goal of 10 patrons, we're going to do a special livestream/group chat with you guys and release a Patreon-Exclusive song! We'll also host our first raffle, where 3 of our 10 followers will recieve a free T-Shirt and Sticker Pack!
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