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Summary: I'm a spiritual guide, wanting to offer myself for free, to the limit of my capacity. I seek a broad base of monthly supporters to support a modest life in the support of all beings.

Who I am
My name is Adithya. I’ve traveled a lot, studied and prayed in many religions, read a bunch of history and science, spoken a few languages, had many kinds of jobs, facilitated healing in my family, investigated my mind, found my art, and danced my way to body awareness. As such, my life is a bridge between many things. My calling is listening. I offer myself as a spiritual guide for other beings.

What I'm doing
I’m happy to finally focus my life on what I enjoy doing most. I am guiding people inspired to ask the biggest questions: Who am I? What am I here to do? Why do I despair?  How do I heal with my family? How can I act with integrity in love and work? For a long time, I have realized that most of my creativity naturally goes towards questions of spirituality and psychology, of why things are the way they are, and what we can do to help each other.  I offer my life experience in writing and discussion.

What I'm offering
Because I believe guidance is not something to be offered for a price, I will continue to offer myself individuals and groups, for free.  I will write about all the spiritual lessons I have learned, the stories of my path of learning (medium.com/@eudae).  At my best, I will be a listener, a “spiritual friend”, whose love and compassion allows people to see themselves more clearly.

I recognize that guiding, conscious of my limitations, is itself my spiritual practice.  I hope to do so in a way that encourages freedom and fulfillment in all who I touch.  I hope to do so in a sustainable way that does not offer a "service" for a "price" but rather an unlimited self in the service of all beings.  I would like to volunteer my life for the work of the universe.

How you can help
I invite your support in helping me achieve my highest calling for the benefit of all beings. I'm grateful for your periodic donation to support my work.

Patreon Funds
Patreon only supports monthly pledges, which will slowly build a base of financial support for me as I re-imagine a life as a guide.  The money will go to supporting a modest lifestyle, and traveling to gain spiritual inspiration.  I will post back more details about the various activities you are helping to support. The first activity is a blog: medium.com/@eudae
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