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All supporters of $1/month or more will receive special supporter status on their Euphoria account. If you don't feel like registering an account, you can pass it on to whomever you like. Patron accounts on Euphoria will receive some on-site perks as they are implemented.
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In addition to supporter status on Euphoria, supporters of $5/month or more will receive a small assortment of Euphoria stickers.

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Supporters at this level receive all the other rewards (a supporter account on Euphoria and stickers), plus a private room on Euphoria of your very own! (Naming subject to approval and availability).




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Euphoria hosts dozens of cozy chat rooms centered around fun and safe communities. We have chat rooms about music, space, interactive fiction, politics, and more. Trolls are not allowed and kindness is encouraged.

Euphoria is free to access and doesn't raise money through any other means. There are no ads and no one is collecting or selling your personal data. We're raising money on Patreon in order to pay hosting costs, and, if there's anything left over, fund improvements to the stability of the site and development of new features.
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When Euphoria raises $500 per month, we'll have completely covered monthly operating costs.
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