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European Opinions: Foreign-language Op-eds & Articles in English

I am a multilingual immigrant living to Europe. I am interested in many different current issues, with the topics of immigration, integration, and Islam at the forefront of my interests.

In the past I worked with refugees and asylum seekers. I spent a lot of time talking to them, hearing their stories, and getting a lot of valuable first-hand knowledge and insight into their traumas and struggles. I learned a lot about the European asylum system; how it is failing genuine refugees, and how it is being abused by others. I have also been amazed at just how much power religion still carried in 2018 Western Europe, as well as the extent that some otherwise secular European citizens will go to accommodate cultural and religious practices. Even in the Scandinavian countries -- arguably the most egalitarian societies in the world -- primitive practices against women in particular can still be justified in the name of religious freedom.

Through my work, I had many positive experiences and met some wonderful people from many different countries who had a positive impact on my life. I also had some very unsettling and eye-opening encounters with certain individuals which, viewed from a broadening perspective of the negative sociological and cultural effects of mass immigration on European society, compelled me to pull back and re-examine my activities.

I am non-partisan and am not fundamentally opposed to immigration, but I do believe there is major cause for concern with regards to the consequences of past, present, and future mass immigration – most especially with regards to the challenges of integrating immigrants from the Muslim world into Western European society. At the same time, there is an obvious humanitarian dilemma that we need to grapple with.

What is the purpose of my blog?

I believe the questions of immigration and Islam are among the paramount issues of our era, and that they deserve to be discussed in a civil yet critical manner by honest individuals. I find myself frustrated by the extreme political polarization of these questions: the gross exaggerations and hysteria of the Far Right, and the head-in-the-sand gloss-overs or cheap character assassinations perpetuated by the Far Left. Somewhere in between are those who are trying to wade through a flood of second-hand misinformation that has been put through a partisan filter.

Over the years I have read many excellent editorials and articles in a variety of European languages that I've long felt are being missed by those who cannot read those languages. I want to make sure that these articles get the exposure they deserve outside of their individual nation.
Many in the English-speaking world have an opinion on topics such as mass immigration and the effects of Islam on European society, but few are engaging in a fact-based, critical yet civil dialogue on these subjects. My hope is that creating a reliable, readable, non-partisan English language resource for relevant articles can contribute to fostering such dialogue.

What to expect from my blog

The main body of each blog post will simply be an English translation of the original. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional translator and tend to favour literal translations. These may not always sound the best in English, but I believe this type of translation is best-suited to the purpose of staying true to the original article and conveying details and context which one would not get from a simple Google translation. Whatever is my own personal opinion will be marked as such under the heading "My Thoughts."

I welcome civil dialogue and constructive criticism as I do my best to evaluate the value of each individual source. I reserve the right to change my mind completely on any given subject once confronted with compelling evidence. YOU also have that right. So, let's use it!

Would you like to support me in this work?

I am doing this because I value constructive, open dialogue about the issues that I find important. As you can probably imagine, translating takes time on top of my real job and family commitments. If you find this resource valuable, please consider supporting me in any amount you see fit here on Patreon or Paypal through my blog at under "Become a Sponsor."


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