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Hello everyone,
my name is Filip and I'm a software developer from Zagreb, Croatia. I've been working remotely my whole career. In 2015 I was trying to find a new remote job and was soon annoyed with all the 'fully remote' jobs that required you to have US citizenship or work during US business hours.

That's when Europe Remotely was born. I started curating a list of EU friendly remote jobs manually and people responded really well. The website got featured on the front page of Hacker News and Product hunt.

And here comes the controversial part - monetisation. Taking care of this project takes a lot of time and resources, but it's still hard to ask people for money. However to ensure long-term health of the project it needs support from companies and individuals.

Europe remotely gets around 3000 unique visitors monthly, and they are looking for work. By supporting Europe Remotely as a company you get the exclusive right to post jobs on our jobs board, and you will be promoted as a supporter. Isn't that awesome?

Thank you for reading this and supporting remote work in Europe!

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