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eva konopka was born and raised in Kraków, Poland.

After graduating from university, she moved to Texas, and currently lives in Houston.
As a child, she used colored pencils and paper to fill up long hours alone with picturing images from her mind.

eva’s inspiration comes from deep subconsciousness and love for bringing vibrant colors together on a white page. The images created this way are rooted in the arcana of human id. eva grew up in cold and gray reality, largely devoid of life’s vibrancy. Her artistic expression is a manifestation of a joyful rebellion against dullness of the outside world of her childhood.

eva choses mostly soft-core colored pencils to create her images on heavier weight paper; 9”x12”, 11”x14 in size, or smaller. Sometimes she adds acrylic paints, oil paint markers to add shimmery accents, or hard pencils to emphasize contours. Her favorite technique is using colored pencils for shading, layering and mixing colors, contouring (sometimes bordering with etching), and texturing.
She is a self-taught artist. Her distinct and unique style of drawing includes abstract images with recurrent motives of spheres and orbs, mandalas, eyeballs, surreal characters and silhouettes, trees, dreamy and mysterious landscapes.

eva’s dream is to have her own studio one day, which will be a welcoming place to visit, have a coffee or a glass of wine, and enjoy the uncontaminated haven of art as the artist sees it: coming from the heart and soul.

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