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My name is Evan Dahm; I'm an illustrator and comic-book maker. I've made the graphic novels Rice Boy, Order of Tales, Vattu(currently updating online), Island Book (with First Second),  and The Harrowing of Hell (early 2020 from Iron Circus Comics). Also a bunch of other illustration and stuff; as much as I possibly can! My work focuses on immersive and poetic environments, lost histories, and struggles with the unknown and unknowable.

I'm extremely grateful to the friendly & engaged audience that's come to my work over the past several years!! I have never had a clear template for how to have this career, but it's only possible because I've been able to connect to this audience (that, maybe, is You). This Patreon has been a very helpful support to my career making the work I believe in-- thank you for having a look and thank you for your support. Really seriously, even $1 a month is very appreciated.

I make a ton of process materials available to backers, and there's over 1000 posts in the backlog. Patreon backers see most of what I'm doing first, and often see my development process in some detail.

In June 2019, I've started a Patreon-exclusive project called "Summonings." This is an ongoing series of invented creature-characters, as an exercise in automatic drawing and loosening my creative thinking. $1 backers will see process and inks; $2 backers will see that and the finished, colored illustrations. Excited to see where this project goes!!

Thank you so much for reading; thank you for your interest and support.
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Every pledge is helpful & appreciated. Backers will get some process material, and Vattu pages early whenever they're finished early.

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Backers will get all process material and backlog, access to the "Summonings" series, really a ton of stuff updated regularly.

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All of the above, and e-books of my work, and new e-books and finished miscellany intermittently as I finish them.

$841 of $900 per month
I would like to make a Tarot deck! I have a plan and aesthetic in mind for it already. All process and completed cards will go up on Patreon before anywhere else.
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