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Hello Science Students! My name is Mr. Evangelista and I am a high school science teacher teaching a wide range of topics such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.  I am using Patreon as a way to support my passion for teaching science and with your support will help me do what I love to do most and that is to make video content that helps students understand difficult science concepts.

What I do
I run a flipped classroom where students watch lecture videos at home and do the reinforcement labs and activities in the classroom. A big part of my philosophy as a science teacher is to have the students DO the science.  The videos allow students to focus on the doing and application of science in class where I am available to answer questions and help guide the students.  

How you can help
Patreon is a way for you to support what I do. Once you've made a Patreon account, you can pledge a monthly contribution.  Making video lectures requires a large amount of time and money, much more than if I were to do traditional lecture: The contributions provided will be used to upgrade the video recording equipment that I am using as well as help pay for some of the software subscriptions that I use to create animations and edit the videos.  Any donation regardless of the amount would be extremely helpful.

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Mr. Evangelista
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Starting to create my own content represented significant amount of investments made to obtain the basic recording equipment and software associated with making videos.  This goal represents earning back some of those initial investments.  It also represents an exciting concept that my patrons find value in the content I am making and some running around, jumping, and screaming might be involved.
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