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About Evan Kale

Hellooo! My name is Evan Kale, and in the case of a zombie apocalypse I want to equip you with the knowledge of salvaging all the things around you to fight the horde.

But I can't do this myself!

Consider becoming my patron to support the cause! Every dollar we receive through Patreon will be put back directly into making the channel more kickass. Lab and equipment upgrades will be made to improve workflow so I can churn out more video goodness at a faster pace.

(Disclaimer: in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, I am not liable for the usefulness and/or betrayal of any of my creations.)

What do you get for becoming Evan's Patron?
Patrons will help me shape the future of the channel!
You will get exclusive access to the Patron board where I will ask for advice on things like:
  • What tools I should in invest in first?
  • Should we give the channel a catchy name?
  • Does the channel need more explosions?
You will also earn tickets towards Evan's Mystery Raffle (see below)!
Top 10 supporters will also have their names listed in the end credits of the video they fund.

When/What will I Collect?
I will only collect on the release of a new project video (ones where I show you how to build something).
I will not be collecting here for any of my music and vlog videos.
I will only collect on a maximum of one video a month (but in reality, it's more like once every 4 months, judging by the rate I make content). 

Evan's Mystery Raffle
I will be giving away the things I have made or used in a raffle!
Check out the rewards section on the side to see how to get raffle tickets.

The last raffle draw was...

...The Bluetooth Controller!

The current raffle draw is...

...The Original Blipper! The one-and-only painted Blipper + remote!

Update: 69 out of 150 tickets have been entered into the raffle!

81% complete
Let's hang out on skype and partayyy
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