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I mention you in a poem
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  • I will write a poem and your name - or a name of your choosing will be featured in it. 
  • Poem will be at least 12 lines long (no haiku cheating). 
I mention you liberally in a Scotch review
Limited (3 of 3 remaining)
per creation
  • Whenever I write a scotch review I will reference my loyal patrons. 
  • If you desire a certain style of reference (funny, serious, anything in between), I will observe that. 
I write you music
per creation
  • I will write you a piece of music. 
  • Because of time constraints (I still have a full time job... for now), it will likely be a piano piece or maybe solo violin. 
  • Full orchestra music will come later at a higher patron tier, as it's very time intensive. 
  • I will email you an mp3 copy of your music. 




per creation
$3 of $100 per null
I hate my day job. This amount would take a serious amount of sting out of missing a day or two of my job, to devote to my real passion - creative endeavors. 
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