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About Eva Vavoom

Miss Eva Vavoom womansplains masculinity to guys who were born yesterday via her new podcast Masculine Topics. She is an expert on permadolescence because she says so and also because she invented the word. This lifestyle dominatrix has taught various subjects from cock bondage to sexual confidence. She has developed the #Vavoomcyclopedia and is working on a very modern sex education book. Just give Miss Vavoom all your money and she will keep doing exactly the same things as she has been doing for the past decade, though probably a lot more of it.

Patrons will be able to witness the writing of the upcoming book The Fucking Manual as well as other previews of Miss Vavoom's work-in-progress.
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Miss Vavoom must purchase the time away from her other obligations in order to move faster on these projects. She wishes to apply 50% of her time to content development for Masculine Topics, her upcoming book The Fucking Manual and a piece of software that could change sex education forever.
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