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EVE Droid for Android is a FREE character monitoring and ship fitting app for the MMO Eve Online.

  • Monitor your character training, get notifications when training queue is running low or you receive EVE mails.
  • View your EVE mails, wallet, skills, skill queue
  • Supports multiple account and characters
  • Complete ship fitter with modules, drones, boosters, implants, etc. 
  • Browse the entire EVE Online item database and view stats

Download the app for free: EVE Droid on Google Play

Keeping up with the rapid expansions to EVE Online has made my hobby of creating EVE Droid almost a second job.

I can no longer justify spending that much time making EVE Droid. If you pledge to EVE Droid I will be able to spend less of my time on my full time job and more time on EVE Droid.

Your pledge will support the continued development of EVE Droid. It will make sure the app is updated when an expansion is released. Your pledge will also support further development of features like assets, asset value, fitting prices, widgets, and so on.

Goals and rewards here on Patreon will be added soon.
$9 of $100 per month
I will update the app with the new data for each new expansion as fast as possible.
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