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About Odile @ Evening of Light

As a lover of culture in many forms, I've been writing about it for almost 20 years.

On Evening of Light, I present reviews, playlists, and podcasts of new and older music: folk · ambient · wave · jazz · electronic · experi · metal. There are regular themed mix podcasts called Cloudscapes, as well as collaborations with other online deejays.

In addition, I publish Ex Abyssō, a print/PDF zine featuring essays, art, poetry, reviews, and a music EP, all presented from a perspective that's feminist, transgressive, and ϙueer.

On my blog Sub Specie, and occasionally in other places, I write about political issues, mental healthgames, and science (mainly linguistics).

If you appreciate my work on any or all of these subjects, please consider pledging your support. Any amount, even a tiny one, is welcome. Your support will allow me to maintain my websites, invest in new zines/releases, and support lovely artists and labels.

Your support, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated!
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