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EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN connects people around the world with proactive, preventative supports for maintaining and improving great mental health. MarkDaniela, and Matt started it on a humble little Tumblr site back in 2012. Since then, we’ve created tons of content to help people access supports for recovery from mental illness, maintain great mental health, and speak openly about all of the whacky stuff in their brains, recognizing that everybody has mental health, because everybody has a brain.

Viewers from 110 countries watched 26,535 hours of our mental health videos. That's more hours than there were in the entire year! We answered over 3000 questions and delivered one-on-one peer support services in nine countries. And we want to grow that, significantly...

Why are we on Patreon?

Our mission is to fill gaps in mental healthcare systems around the world by making mental health skills accessible to the largest number of people possible. With your support, we can:
  • Create more YouTube videos to help people with recovery from mental illness.
  • Add subtitles in multiple languages to videos.
  • Do regular open office hours for free.
  • Pay writers to research and write articles on topics we know are relevant to you and the challenges you encounter.
  • Pay reviewers to test new mental health apps and technologies.
  • Build our own technology and services to meet unmet needs in mental healthcare systems around the world.
By supporting Everybody has a Brain, you not only get access to a bunch of useful tools, but you also enable us to reach more people around the world. We can make a very real difference in the lives of so many people that think they're alone with the stuff in their heads.
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