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If you pay me just one measly dollar a month, just to show your support, is a major boost in motivation, and I will tip my hat to you for encouraging me to continue getting off my butt to do what I do.




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About J. H. Lister

A Penny Dreadful is slang for cheap, short and sensational stories.
On occasion I'll post an article on a subject that interests me.

This is really all part of my goal to break into writing, and get published. Writers write, this is a truth. And if I can find and meet awesome people, who like my work and can help me tell my stories to the world, that would be amazing.
Secretly it's also a part of my master plan to somehow, in some way, to earn a living doing what I love, which is writing and creating far-out and amazing fantasy stories.
I also like to engage in Twitch Streams as a hobby and would LIKE to do it full time with the support of lovely viewers. And yes you are lovely, don't debase yourself.

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