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Welcome to the ERC! I really can't express how much I appreciate your support. At this level your name will be displayed on stream with the other Patreon supporters. You'll also get a special shout out on stream when you pledge. Seriously, thank you so friggin' much. You're helping to fund my dream.




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Welcome to the Everyday Regular Patreon!

I love video games.

You also probably love video games (at least, I assume that’s why you’re here).

I’m just an everyday regular guy who decided that he wanted to share his experiences in gaming with other like-minded people across the world. My goal isn’t to necessarily be the BEST at any particular game, but to find a way to bring all of us weird and special people playing video games together for some laughs, learns and most definitely some good times.

Video games have been a huge part of my life – and I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve turned to them for joy, to cope with sadness, to distract myself from work (that I should be doing) and so much more. They’ve always been there and I know I’m not alone when I say all of that.

Creating a community of positive, like-minded gamers who can share in the good and the bad, and producing content of that nature has always been my dream. I’m a huge fan of so many streamers and thanks to their inspiration I’ve decided to take this leap into the great unknown. I honestly have no idea how it will go, but I’ll keep streaming even if I’ve only got 1 viewer!

This Patreon is set up so that every funding goal met expands the amount of content/quality that I create. So, as the ERC (the Everyday Regular Crew) grows, so too will my efforts in bringing you lovely guys and gals my very best every day!

I seriously cannot thank you enough for even taking the time to look at this page. Even if you don’t want to support (or it’s not an option) please drop by the stream and say hi! I’d love to have you.

You da best,


Random Privacy Things:
If you want to stay anonymous and not share your name through Patreon – don’t use your real name in your account OR just uncheck the box under Privacy in your Patreon profile! I don’t want any info you don’t want me to have =)
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I'm not partnered with Twitch and I'm flattered that you're interested in supporting my dream! If we reach this goal, I will create new support tiers and come up with some AWESOME tier rewards for you awesome people!
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