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You know what is sexy? You. You are sexy and definitely have great genes that need to be passed down to future generations of the human species!

Are those shoes new? Hot dog they are nice.

The Podcast will always be free but with your help we can make it even better!

Thank you, you sexy sexy person.

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Wanna throw us a fiver? What?!

Your a total ledge and you have great teeth! 

Is that shirt new? 

Have you lost weight?

If you support us we will send you a personalized email thanking you if your into that? We will also send a copy of the two long lost episodes where we sounded like garbage! And this just in, you will get a hand made pengus!

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I know we throw this around a lot, but good lord you are freakin sexy. 

Yeah you are.

More over, you are distinguished by wealth and good taste, how else could you explain the way you are able to hold such great conversations with strangers!

That's right, at this tier you can pick a topic for us to crow about, and send in your thoughts to be included on an episode! You will also get any rewards mentioned above!




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Everyone I Know, EiK for short, started with two brothers and has blossomed into two brothers and another guy that lets those two brothers talk into microphones in his house most Tuesdays.

Every gosh darn week Andy and Chris bring a guest on to debate, no, battle for views on mundane topics. You think you've heard vitriol in the 24 hour news cycle? Oooh Boy just wait until you hear a 30 year old disown his younger brother based solely on the way he prepares his eggs!

They are physically about as big as Mark Marion!

Come join the Podcast that Albany's own Michie is calling, 'A Podcast for Fancy Psychos!'

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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