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Hello! Thanks for visiting me here on Patreon!

My name is Dom, and if you haven't come here via my YouTube channel, Every Think, then here's a little bit about what I do.

I make science videos about anything that interests me, from physics and psychology to space and technology. Hence the name, Every Think!

However, I like to think I'm not your run-of-the-mill science YouTube channel. YouTube doesn’t need another fact crammed, fast talking green screen channel. That’s not what Every Think is about.

I believe that you are far more likely to absorb new information if it has a strong visual to back it up. That’s why I try and push myself to make each video unique and memorable. I pride myself on my production value and animation, crafting each video and adding the tiny touches that help make each topic immersive to create a better learning experience.

But making videos this way isn’t easy. They take a lot of time...A LOT! And that’s where I’m hoping you can help. I want to keep making great content on a regular basis, reaching and teaching as many people as possible and making Every Think the amazing science learning channel that I know it can be. All without sacrificing quality.

So, check out the different pledge amounts and see what rewards you'll get! Or, if you'd prefer to make a one-time donation, then I've setup a PayPal account for that too...paypal.me/everythinkscience

Thanks for your support! 
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If I ever get here, then I will make a ridiculous rap video with all my patrons names. (I'm regretting this already!) :)

It would also mean I can justify taking more time off my day job and spend it working on what I really love, making science videos for you lovely people!
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