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Hello there, visitor.

I am making videos about my gameplay. I upload and stream online games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. I stream regularly on weekends on the internet cafe. Recently, I bought a PS4, which means my streaming is more of a console game now, depends on what game I bought, and can stream on weekdays. I can't save it on PC because the remote play needs a good internet connection which I don't have. And I edit on my slow laptop so I can't make videos all the time.

You can support me by watching my videos and stream. I don't want to have people donating at me because I want to buy it myself with my own money. I have a job, that's why I'm not a full-time streamer/youtuber. But if you really insist donating to me, I'd be happy to take it and buy stuffs for my videos to keep you entertained.
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Hello there. It's this time of the year again where I can't afford to pay my needs.

My brother who is my helper on our needs don't have work this summer (no teach, no pay, also April is the start of our summer here in the Philippines up to June) so I'm the only one who's paying all of our needs. Unfortunately, my salary can't keep up with all of the bills and food.

My goal is $1500 because it is for 3 months worth of food and utility bills. Any amount you donated will be a huge help to me. Thank you so much!
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