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Hello, I'm Philipp and I want to make vegan recipes accessible to everyone. I create super easy and delicious vegan recipes that vegans and omnivores alike enjoy! My goal is to bring everyone back to the table again.
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By giving a small amount you are supporting me to ease the cost of ingredients, hardware (camera, tripod, crockery, etc...) and software (webhosting, social media software etc). Every little helps!
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I love his recipes and just want to support Philipp to help him inspire more people to go vegan. Thank you so much for being part of the change we need to see in the world. With your contribution you are helping to inspire more and more people to go plant-based.
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When I reach 500 patrons I will be able to create even more videos and develop more recipes Also, it would help to take off the financial pressure I am facing having financed my blog, all my videos, the programming and design out of my own pocket.
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