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About Executioner Axe

Hello Everyone

Executioner Axe is a YouTube channel where it feature some Gaming Content like Shooting, Fantasy, Action, Battle Royale & might bring up even more on future.

What I do for my viewers

  • First Einstein advice. . .
"You have to learn rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else"
  • Second I bring out most of the value from my videos.
  • Third I love my viewers a lot.

Why I need your support

It's not that tricky to say I have a passion of video games and your support will help me to achieve my goals. It's really simple your support can be anything either it can be an advice, it can be an idea or it can be a video games.

Your support will help me to create a better version of myself.

Thank you for finding out my Patreon Page.

To the Readers . . .
Sayounara (Farewell)
To my Patreons . . .
Watashi wa min'na o aishiteru (I love you all)
: D
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If we reach half of my goal, than I got enough motivation to continue my work!
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