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Downloads of every demo I release, as well as advance access to tickets for any show I play as a solo project or in a band.
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Downloads of every demo and cover I release, as well as advance access to tickets for any show I play as a solo project or in a band.
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All of the above, as well as many unreleased old demos that my gut tells me should never see the light of day.




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About Ex-Fiancée

Hello there.

I make music. Or rather, I try to. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I play in a band that is not this. I play music for dance classes and sometimes I get to collaborate on music for full-length dance pieces.

All of this is to say that I make music, and this is not usually the music I make. I don't have the time for it. Between other obligations (all of which are related to money), I simply don't have the time to sit down and finish my songs. I have 20 songs that are nearly finished but haven't had the time to complete them. It feels like procrastinating even though it's (usually) not. (It sometimes is.)

The music is a hopefully interesting mix between folk and electronic music. You can find me on soundcloud or bandcamp and listen to some music for dances I've made and some very old recordings under the title You Are An Artist. In case you want proof that I make music you might like before giving me money, or something.

I'm in love with Patreon. You pledge money per thing I release. If I continue at my current rate of releasing things, and you pledged $5 per song, you would have pledged me $5 for the past 6 months. Not every month. Just, in total. That's how things have been going.

I plan on releasing a bunch of little bonuses with these pledges. I cover a lot of songs in the dance classes I play music for, and I can endeavor to record them and release them. I can record more covers. I can take requests. I can buy a disposable camera and take selfles and send it to you. Pride's not really an issue here, if you were wondering.

I want to be able to spend my time working on music, and I think that this system makes it plausible. And I love you all.

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I'll release a free EP of older material for download through Patreon.
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