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About Max G

Hello! My name is Max Gilreath, and I love fairy tales. I love reading them just as much as I love writing them. 

I write web-based stories and content. My biggest ongoing project is The Exiles Ever After, a web serial with a weekly update schedule. It's an ongoing story of artistic giants, extra-dimensional fairies, a wandering prince and a geeky princess, sky islands, magical baking, talking animals and kinship. It uses elements of familiar stories in unusual ways and features a diverse cast of unlikely heroes. I absolutely love writing within this universe and would like to introduce more elements outside of the Exiles main story line.

Exiles used to be posted on the now-defunct website Jukepop. Right now I have an upload on Archive Of Our Own, but I'd like Patreon to become its permanent home. I'll have free ebook downloads of the first two books here and start posting chapters of Book 3 on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with paid subscribers getting chapters 5 days early. Patrons will also get bonus content such as essays, reviews, short fiction and background materials.

My fiction tends to include elements of surrealism, otherworldly settings, monsters both lovable and fearsome and a strong emphasis on different kinds of relationships (platonic, romantic or otherwise.) 

I plan to keep Exiles free on the web forever. That said, I'd like to gauge if people are interested in offering financial support for my web writing. If you enjoy Exiles or any of my other written works, consider this a tip jar. Even a little bit is appreciated! 

Cover art by Heather R.

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