Ex Machinis

is creating a multiplayer space game to teach basic coding skills.
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About Ex Machinis

Ex Machinis is a persistent, multiplayer space game that takes place here and now! 

In the game's altered reality, humans have industrialized the solar system with fleets of autonomous unmanned spacecraft.   

Individuals build and maintain sprawling interplanetary industries by skillfully programming their spacecraft to mine, manufacture, and sell goods.

Remember that your assets are always in play! Your spacecraft must face the dangers of the void even while you sleep.  (Life never stops, it keeps coming at you.)

And forget about the grind of typical multiplayer space games. Everything comes down to your skill as a programmer.

Can you program your drones to continually function on the outer edges of our solar system where signals take minutes or hours to transit the void?

I'm building this game because I love programming and I want to encourage others to give it a try.  I firmly believe that knowing how to program may actually save your life one day... or at least get you a decent promotion.

The game is still in its infancy.  But I really need your help to bring it to life! 

Anyone can play around with the game in its current state.  Just check out our Player's Manual to get started.  Right now, this is really a programmer's guide, but I'm trying to make it fun! 

You're also welcome to browse the Design Manual, which gets into all the gory details of how that game functions behind the scenes. I've put this out there so you can see where things are headed.

Of course, none of this would be here without the help of my patrons.  So if you like what I'm doing please consider donating.  I could really use your help and encouragement!  Otherwise, I really do start to feel that this game is taking place in a vacuum :-)

Please note that the images in my posts were all generated by the Space Engine.  I honestly don't know why we feel a need to explore the cold of space with a simulator like this around.
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