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About Ex Nihilo Theater

Ex Nihilo loosely translated means "out of nothing." creatio ex nihilo: "creation out of nothing." Though typically applied to religion or philosophy, we feel it perfectly describes the creation of drama. We are playwrights who begin with nothing more than a blank page and the inspiration to create something out of it.

Nathanael Card, Brian Vouglas, and  Florinda Larkin in company member,  Jennifer Lynne Roberts' Mars One Project, part of NCardCreative's Lit's Alive! at Octopus Literary Salon.

Like all creators, we want our "something" to be experienced, not to be sitting in dark drawers or buried in submission piles. Therefore, we are actively writing, producing, and putting our plays out for public consumption wherever, whenever, and however we can.  

We are creating our own opportunities!

Bridgette Portman, company member.

 Chris Morrell in Portman's, La Fee Verte

Emma Jast in Portman's, La Fee Verte at The Playwrights Center.
Photos by Jim Norrena

By making our way through the world of theater on our own terms, we are unbound by tradition and rules and roadblocks that inhibit the ability of playwrights to realize their work on stage.

By being unbound, we can play more.
We can experiment more.
We can risk more. 

Elizabeth Flannagan, company member.

EX NIHILO's first creation is a year-long serial play to be presented live in six episodes from October 2015 to October 2016 at 
The Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland, CA. We will be recording the play for a podcast, which will be available to the world! 

A cross-country driving excursion. A map and possessed darts. Entanglements in myths, urban legends, folklore...What is the ultimate destination for these adventurers? Will they arrive? And more importantly, what's up with these darts?

Still, we create within a capitalistic society. And we come from the philosophy that artists should be paid for their work. Therefore, we need funding in order to write these episodes and to pay our actors, sound tech, and videographer. 

We are looking for a pledge of $2 to $5 per episode (6 episodes total) with a goal of raising $220 per episode.  

Playwrights -$75 per episode ($25 per playwright)
Actors - $100 per episode ($25 per actor)
Director - $25 per episode
Patreon/Credit card transfer fees - $20 (@10%) per episode.

You're welcome to pledge outside of our range in either direction. In fact, we welcome you to pin up various denominations of US currency on a wall and throw darts at them to determine your pledge. With any luck, your darts are positively possessed, as well!

But seriously. 
Every dollar counts.
Every risk counts.

Jennifer Lynne Roberts, company member.

Thank you for you support of this (and future) creations!

$50 – reached! per Per episode
Let's take these performances to Podcast levels!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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