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About Exodius

Hello, people.

My name is Nick and I am very passionate but casual gamer. On this wall of text that I “envisioned”, I’ll share my thoughts, experiences, suspicions, theories, news that I find interesting, free game giveaways… Everything that I feel should be shared, I’ll share.

My focus has mostly been World of Warcraft and I have been playing it casually. I love the lore that envelops the Warcraft universe… Mostly because I love fantasy universes.

In country from which I am from, Serbia, economic situation isn't all that great. Job that I am currently performing and eventual paychecks that I get cover only basic expenses. About half of it goes on paying bills and the other half goes for living expenses.

Buying video games is considered something of a Luxury and, given that I love playing video games, it's somewhat of a problem. That's why freebie games are an awesome sight when spotted. Most of the games in my "Gaming Library", be that on Steam, uPlay, Origin, etc. came from promotions where they were offered for free and when ever I see one, I post about it on my blog and Facebook page so that others can grab them as well.

That's basically the point right now. Because of the lack of free time, I can't fully commit to creating actual content on a platform such as YouTube nor can I start streaming until I get a speed up for my internet connection so... When ever I see a free game, I'll post it.

Everything will be public, here on Patreon as well as on my Blog and Facebook because, for now, I have nothing special to offer to potential Patreons except my gratitude for supporting me.
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