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Thailand Starter Kit is now ExpatDen!

Our History

Most members of our team have been living as expats for over a decade—so we know the challenges you face when moving to a new country.

The info you need is too scarce. It’s inaccurate. It’s poorly written. You wind up spending hours upon hours trying to find out how to do even the simplest thing, like “how to open a bank account.”

Other times you overpay because you were unaware of how much something really costs.

Because of these challenges, in 2015 we created Thailand Starter Kit with the sole purpose of helping everyone who wanted to move to Thailand.

Since that time, Thailand Starter Kit has created and published over one hundred in-depth guides that you could only find on our website. And we did this on a weekly basis.

And these guides are more than your run-of-the-mill blog posts. Each of our guides took us months to research, organize, write, edit, and publish. And let’s not forget about the time spent updating them every year.

We also asked experts to check our guides before we published them, so you got the most accurate info possible.

Over the years, many of our readers asked us to cover more countries. We talked about it. We thought about it. And in the end, everyone on our team agreed that if we could create in-depth guides for Thailand, then we can do it for the rest of the world.

ExpatDen was born in 2019.

Our Goals
We want ExpatDen to be the one-stop resource where expats can find accurate, in-depth, and up-to-date guides for countries all over the world.

No matter what you need help with, we want to cover it on ExpatDen.

  • Want to know how to start a business in Hong Kong?
  • Want to know how to rent a house in Germany?
  • Want to know which sushi restaurant to eat at in Japan?

We want to create and publish guides that’ll answer these questions and many more.
We want to create communities as well. Through our guides, we have helped hundreds of thousands of expats in Thailand. But through our private Facebook group, ExpatDen Thailand Community, we’ve connected hundreds of expats in Thailand.

We want to do the same thing for expats all over the world so that no matter which country you decide to call home, you’ll have the know-how and support of our community.

How many more people can we help if ExpatDen covers all expat destinations in the world? Millions!

Our Need for Support

Running a website like ours is expensive, especially since we create and publish the absolute best in-depth guides that you can only find on ExpatDen.

Each guide we publish costs us, on average, $500 USD to hire a writer.

Then there are the editorial costs. We pay two editors to proofread, fact check, and format each of our guides. As time goes on, our editors update our guides to make sure they are accurate and up-to-date.

We also have an IT guy who keeps ExpatDen safe and secure, an admin who pay our bills, and over ten more services we pay for each month.

Without your support, it’s nearly impossible to make ExpatDen the one-stop resource for expats all over the world.

Right now, the number of supporters we have comes out to less than 0.05% of our readers. If all our readers support us with only $1 a month , imagine how many more guides we can create.

Your support helps us create more guides, and it also helps expats just like you overcome the challenges of living, working, retiring, or starting businesses abroad.

Our Milestones

$500 / Month
On average, $500 is what we pay a writer to research and write one guide on ExpatDen. Some guides cost more. Others cost less. The cost depends on how much research is needed to cover each topic.

$850 / Month
We often create guides that are 10,000 words or more. To ensure the quality of each guide, our editors and experts review and fact checked them. This approach makes the guides on ExpatDen more in depth than what you’ll find on other sites.

At this level we can cover the costs of hiring a writer and employing our team of editors.

$1,450 / Month
We create new guides and update old guides every six months to a year. Since most of our guides are in depth, updating them is like writing new guides from scratch.

At this level, in addition to covering the costs of hiring a writer and employing our team of editors, we can update old guides with reader feedback and the latest information.

$2,150 / Month
We would like to hold monthly events for our supporters. At these events, supporters can ask experts questions about living, working, retiring, or starting a business as expats, and get the chance to connect with other expats.

At this level we’re still far from covering all the costs of running ExpatDen, but if we reach this milestone it’ll show how much you care. In return, we’d like to bring our community together and thank them with special events to show how much we care.

$3,750 / Month
At this level we cover the costs of creating new guides, updating old guides, paying for an audio engineer for the Brewed in Bangkok podcast, and hiring a graphic designer. This would be a major milestone for ExpatDen.

When we are at this level, we can publish five in-depth articles a month instead of four.

$4,750 / Month
At this point, ExpatDen is no longer running at a loss. We can create new guides and update old guides and pay our team of writers, editors, IT specialist, and admin.

While Karsten (the creator of ExpatDen) and Siddhant (the host of Brewed in Bangkok Podcast) volunteer their time to ExpatDen, the goal is to pay everyone else a fair wage so they could support themselves and their families.

Reaching this milestone means Karsten doesn’t have to pay these costs out of pocket anymore.

When we are at this level, we can publish six in-depth articles a month instead of four.

Our Gift to You

As a supporter, you get access to our eBooks, exclusive content, and even personal help from our ExpatDen team.

Please check the Tiers section to find out more.

As of now, the only gift we have is for expats who are in Thailand.

We are working with our writers and partners to find out which rewards we can give to our supporters from other countries.

Think about how much ExpatDen has helped you, how many articles you’ve found helpful so far, and how much more you can get from us.

We believe in what we do. And we also want you to believe in what we do. Then, we can grow ExpatDen to be the absolute best expat resource for you and future expats.

Testimonials from Our Supporters

"I decided to support Thailand Starter Kit on Patreon because I was there during the earliest stages of the site and watched it grow, while seemingly maintaining excellent and relevant content that helped to solve the various problems that expatriates always encounter here in Thailand, and I felt the articles/topics added great value to their lives. Furthermore, I wanted to live somewhat vicariously through the information that was being conveyed. I also appreciated all the attention to detail in the topics covered. Thailand Started Kit is a very noble and valiant effort."

- Mark J. Grygiel, American expat who runs The Slider Shack at Nichada Thani and has been living in Thailand since 1996

"I came across Thailand Starter Kit and found it interesting and authentic. So I subscribed to the newsletter and kept reading the new content. I realized the content was helpful for me as I intend to move to Thailand to work there. Thailand Starter Kit grew over time and they added so much new practical advice (moving to Thailand, finding work, finding an apartment, health insurance, best hospitals) that I decided last year to support the work with a Patreon membership. A few months ago Thailand Starter Kit asked to meet me to learn what I wanted to be covered in the future. We talked for an hour--that's customer care at it's best! I believe in the open, idealistic, honest, and fair attitudes of Thailand Starter Kit’s team to help people. It would be a pity if the content was overrun with advertisements in the future. That's why I believe being a Patron keeps the team independent and customer focused. Wish all the best to the Thailand Starter Kit Team."

- Johannes Seelig, German national who plans to move to and work in Thailand

"Andy and I will be retiring soon to travel the world on what we believe will be a permanent basis. We have traveled to Thailand in the past and love the country, so Thailand will be our first move. Our plan is to live temporarily in Thailand, and we subscribed to Thailand Starter Kit as it regularly provides insights into items that we are concerned about: health insurance, housing, transportation. It's a scary thought moving away from all you know, and Thailand Starter Kit is helping us feel more confident."

- Donna and Andy Templeton, Americans working toward becoming global nomads
$252 of $1,200 per month
Your support would enable me to do things like:

  • Cover a wider range of topics and improve the quality of our guides. 
  • Publish more ebooks which contain the most practical advice and direct links to information that'll make your transition to life in Thailand easier. 
  • Expand Thailand Starter Kit to cover more countries
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
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