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About Expendablewolf


I'm Expendablewolf, but you can call me Wolfy. I'm a full-time office slave by day, and a try-hard Twitch streamer by night. Twitch streaming has been my passion since April of 2017, and I have been blessed with the support of over 7000 followers in the Twitch and video gaming community. I invite you to join me at my next broadcast https://www.twitch.tv/expendablewolf to get a chance to meet me and some of my supporters. With your help, I can further develop my skills as a creator, as well as take on new and exciting projects! 


Your pledge, if you choose to make one, will go towards improving the quality of my broadcasts; everything from improving the production quality, to new and exciting content for my viewers.
Should you decide to make a pledge to support me and my dream, I kindly ask that you only do so if you're financially able - it is very important to me that my community put themselves first. 
From the bottom of my heart to you all, Thank You!

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