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is creating training videos, worksheets, and private coaching for couples.

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Start improving your relationship today

Are you having relationship issues?

Are you tired of reading self-help books, talking with your friends, or scouring the internet for questionable advice? Do you need some expert, experienced guidance and help, but you just don't want the commitment, expense, and effort of couples therapy?

Expert Relationship is designed to help you become Expert at Relating, without all the hassle.

With downloadable educational worksheets, training videos, and caring, professional, private coaching, Expert Relationship provides specific, to-the-point, and no-nonsense insight, training, and grounded skills that you can access immediately so you can start improving your relationship today.
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Help us create a more peaceful world, one relationship at a time!

At this goal level we'll have the resources to create tons more content, including finalizing these courses already in development:  
  • Courses for couples...
- Pre-commitment Prep Course
  • Courses for individuals
    - Anger: Tame Your Inner Tiger
    - Get Over Your Ex
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