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Experts go to the Movies (EgttM) is the brain child (yuck!) of Andrew Woolner, who hosts the show. Andrew is a Japan-based theatre artist and he runs the Yokohama Theatre Group. Andrew also co-runs Nerd Nite Tokyo ( in case you're interested), and so he gets to meet lots and lots of experts. And some of these experts have talked to him about movies that they really, really, hate because of how Hollywood takes shortcuts with facts in order to make movies. So Andrew thought: Hey, why not make a podcast out of this? and there: boom, squelch, waaaaaah, EgttM was born.

Here's how it works:

A host (Andrew), plus a comedian, plus an expert will watch a movie of the expert's choosing. Then they will mercilessly tear that movie down, scene-by-scene, for the entertainment of the listeners.

Here's where you come in:
We'll record and release the first four episodes as samples, and to figure out the format a little bit. After that, Patrons are going to make the podcast happen. Once we hit our first goal ($300 per episode), we'll start releasing monthly episodes. No one will be charged ANYTHING until we release that 5th episode. Your per-episode support is going to cover our expenses: equipment, studio space, and transportation and food for the guests. Any surplus that doesn't get rolled back into the show will go to the Yokohama Theatre Group, the non-profit theatre company producing the show.

What you get:
You mean besides the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting your new favourite podcast? Okay, you filthy materialists: rewards include shout-outs on the show, plugs for you or your business, early access to episodes, advance booking and discounts to any live shows we do, as well as access to any bonus content (outtakes, mini-shows, etc.).
We might think of some other stuff, too.
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