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I will send an electronic message with my deepest thanks and gratitude. And perhaps a picture of a kitten that I can find on Google Images.
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I will send you a handwritten postcard to thank you for your support!
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I write! I won't say I'm awesome at it, but I have some confidence judging from my readership on Fanfiction.net.

That said, I will write a Fanfiction, just for you! It can be on the games that I'm playing now or played before. Any genre would be fine, but I don't think I'm that talented. I will definitely give it go and hope that you'll like it!




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About Explodreamer

Creating videos for YouTube is something that I have been trying on and off for a long time! I finally managed to upgrade my recording device and I thought that maybe I can start here, and share my videos on YouTube!

All I want is for YOU to enjoy watching what I enjoy playing
I fell in love with gaming a few years back once I started working and could afford to buy games! I kept telling friends who aren't familiar with gaming how mindblowing Bioshock is, how exciting Dishonored is, how mind-numbingly entertaining (this is a compliment) Assassin's creed is, and how I hate (and by this, I mean I love it so much) a certain Legend of Zelda mechanic changes in every game.. But it's so hard to explain with just words and gestures, and I decided:

Heck, I'll show it to you when I play the game!
Through Patreon, I want to be able to upgrade my equipment so that I can deliver something better and even more entertaining. As this progresses, I want to be able to give back to those who supported me in any way that I can. All I want is for YOU to enjoy what you've watch, perhaps change your mind about a game or gaming in itself, and join me as we have the fun of our lives playing games!

Payment? Psssh, you'll barely pay for anything
Seriously. Barely anything.
My videos are on Youtube and my recording progress is really really slow, so I didn't think that it'll be fair for my patreons! Every finale episode of a series will be a paid content video. It'll be something that comes to you every once in a (perhaps) long while. Your support will let me know how well I did for the series.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of exploration and dreaming!
$18 of $80 per video
I've upgraded my hardware and internet as much as I can... It's all about maintaining!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
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