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This will be the basic beginning of my Patreon Account. All the videos that I create. More Tiers to follow in the days to come … when I figure out what to offer, to be honest with ya.




I am really just an average guy that has decided to bring cameras along as I Explore in my Jeep. Though years ago, long before things such as YouTube and Patreon (ya, I just dated myself!) a friend of mine and I … over beers, had a daydream conversation of, "Wouldn't it be cool to create an outdoors show?"  But do all aspects of the outdoor adventures. Like for instance to really get out there we have to build a 4x4 … "well, we'd show that as well!" The build, what we do and why. Also what we take and why … maybe why we chose such things.  Then we just babbled on from there. Fast forward to now! One day I just randomly decided I would create something of the likes and start posting them. Ya, its pretty raw stuff and I am just learning and getting used to all the filming. It will come together over time, as I get better, and can afford all the things the series would require. So that said … lets take it from there, see where it goes. Come along for the ride and Explore all aspects off Camping, Overlanding and Off Roading with me … and others that come along on occasion.
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Not too sure on an "Earnings Goal" to be honest with you. At the moment i'm just wanting to get some "Patrons" and to get an idea as to what you think.  But as I make earnings from this series we can begin to add monetary goals … like to BUY STUFF! … buy Jeep Parts!!  I can show you all these purchases that I get and why. But the more Patrons we get Then the further we go and the longer we go ... and more often. But at the moment, lets get some "Patrons" …. well, I guess I just came up with a Goal! … to get some Patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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